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Entropic Discusses HD-uDTAs for Bandwidth Reclamation

By Chris Fallon

December 26, 2012

How Bandwidth Reclamation is Helping Traditional Cable Providers Provide More Digital Content

By Stefanie Mosca, TMCNet

The truth of the matter is, to be able to support the features and capabilities of advanced IP-driven services, cable providers need to be able to provide a sufficient amount of bandwidth to ensure these services work at optimal performance and speed.

Entropic is currently involved in a nationwide bandwidth reclamation project, in which its set-top box system-on-a-chip (STB SoC) technology is leveraged in HD-uDTAs to help a number of operators recover analog bandwidth from their networks.

Entropic is working with cable MSOs to accelerate the process for the cable industry.  With solutions already in deployment, Entropic’s technology enables cable subscribers to keep watching their analog television sets even when connected to an all-digital cable network, and allows cable operators to reclaim analog bandwidth while still launching enhanced, value-added digital services such as HDTV.

Entropic’s ARM® Cortex™-A9 CPU SoC platform, the PNX8475, delivers advanced broadcast decoding, media processing and graphics rendering technologies, which is key in reclaiming network bandwidth dedicated to analog broadcast services and transitioning them for the digital network. With a comprehensive feature set, the Entropic SoC solution provides an optimized system that significantly reduces manufacturer bill-of-materials (BoM) costs, offers advanced power management and features enhanced picture quality capabilities for an improved home entertainment experience.

Entropic is playing a unique position in the marketplace, helping cable operators optimize their networks for next-generation content delivery.